Spanx Introducing Arm Tights! A wardrobe game-changer.

Have you seen the new Spanx arm tights?  Now you can wear sleeveless dresses and tops all year round.  Put on some arm tights and voila you have long sleeves.   Arm tights are also a solution for those who don't like wearing sleeveless dresses and love all the beautiful sleeveless dresses on the market. 
Here is a video of an ABCNews interview with guest, Sara Blakely,  Spanx CEO.  She is wearing her new invention "Arm Tights" and talks about them.  (Starts at about 1:16 in the video.)   The arm tights look beautiful.  Click on the following link to view the video  Shark Mark Cuban, Spanx CEO share best ways to succeed in business 

Arm Tights™ are new at SPANX!